• Personal company “Prototechnika“ was established in 1990, November 30th;
  • In 1995 it was registered as a limited joint stock company;
  • Number of employees increased from 2 in 1990 to 80 in 2006;
  • The main office is in Vilnius, there are branches in Kaunas, Klaipėda and Šiauliai.

Briefly about us and product family “VERSLO Skaita”

Company PROTOTECHNIKA was established in 1990, November 30th. Main product of PROTOTECHNIKA is business management and accounting software VERSLO Skaita. Company specializes in computer accounting systems development. The range of provided services takes from sales of computer software up to installation and maintenance of finance accounting and management software. PROTOTECHNIKA is a distributor of Microsoft and Sybase products. Accounting software family VERSLO Skaita is a modular system containing all main parts of nowadays computer accounting and over 250 financial, management, statistical, forecast and control reports – all this secures successful use of software in companies of varied activities.

How special are PROTOTECHNIKA software and other services?

All accounting software developed by PROTOTECHNIKA is united by technology and perfection of the solution.

Employees of the company – specialists of computer technology and accounting – solve problems in global and thoroughness way. The system VERSLO Skaita carries accounting quickly, credibly and up to the end:

The software may run on different types of computers and networks, various operational systems.

Reliability – descriptive password system and edit trace tool guarantees the confidentiality and reliability of the information.

Modular system fully allows meeting the requirements of the users in composing separate work places. All accounting system or only its separate parts may be used for work. The system allows expanding the system easily by adding a number of work places.

Flexibility – chart of accounts allows user to detalise account up to necessary level. Easy changeable and additional databases, world currency are used in the accounting, system is multibranch and adjusted to work with different cash registers.

You know how easy it is to make mistakes while entering data into the program so you want to correct them easily. Here helps Constant recount principle – after entering initial document, you may edit it (with proper user rights) at any stage of accounting process.

VERSLO Skaita will communicate around the system not only changes of that operation, but also will change the results of all other operations, concerning the change.

Simplicity – the system is designed in such a way that not only accountant but also a person without accounting knowledge may use the software.

Many functions of the software may be carried out by easy use of entering modules. With the help of such modules, the software generates necessary account correspondence records in the transaction register.

The principle of “GreitaSkaita” – to enter data from source document only once. All the rest of the work is carried out by VERSLO Skaita. The principle is fixed by constant transfer mechanism.

Financial reports builder – designs and prints financial, planning, statistical and management reports, not only account residuals that accountant uses for mechanical counting and reports filling.

Management accounting – at the level of balance and transaction register software unites separate companies data entered once only into one company. Comprehensive and detailed reports for branch and company managers.

Quick and reliable accounting among remote branches of the company is guaranteed by active terminal connection!

First of all we offer You to get acquainted with DEMO version of the software. You will be able to carry out financial transactions, review reports, prepare mini balance and only then decide on software purchase. We do not sell software – we offer you the solution of your problem. PROTOTECHNIKA also organisers training courses to help your employees to master new tools of accounting.