Prototechnika – software development company from Lithuania with more than 35 high skilled certified developers, more than 1000 clients and 22 years of experience in IT applications development.

  • Development services with php, Microsoft .NET, C#, C++, Oracle, MS SQL, Delphi;
  • Mobile application development for ERP systems;
  • Software reseller in Baltic states.


  • Over 900 business clients during 25 years of activity;
  • 60 employees in Lithuania,
  • The most reliable partners and advanced technology;
  • Working only with trustworthy and nowaday products.

We are also proud to present our new product Mobile skaita.

Mobile Skaita is an enterprise-class mobile solution for Android (4.0 and up) and Windows Mobile (2003-6.5) devices. Mobile Skaita has been developed for sales, retail, ordering managers. It has both – end user application and server application. Server application allows to manage system and manager tasks, it can be integrated with ERP systems on established level via flexible interface (e.g. XML files, webservices). Mobile Skaita provides integration into native mobile device and Google family applications (Call, Photo, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk).

Our software sells:

  • Rolandas Vernickas Service Enterprise;
  • „Kristalina“
  • Jupoja IT.

Partner’s representatives and distributors of QPR Software Plc.

More than 800 clients over 19 years of experience in these companies:

  • Wholesale and retail trade: Eugesta, Acme Computer Components, Osama, Gitana, Eltaka, Dujotekana, Echostamp, Viltukas, Imlitex, Bomba, Arkietė, Sisneta, Alterna, Isku, Li Sadolin, Innovation Computer Group , Walmark and etc.;
  • Manufacturing: Vilkma, NB Europe, Neo Group, Atrama, Biok, Linas Nordic, Gargždų mida, Grąžtai, Megrame, Gealan Baltic, Ligaja, Vilma, Orviga, Kegalsta, Herba Humana and etc.;
  • Manufacture of food products: Vilniaus Mėsa, Klaipėdos duona, Rovisa, Vilkė, Agaras, Rukesa ir ko and etc.;
  • Construction: Gargždų statyba, Kerista, Statybų komplektavimo centras, Klaipėdos hidrotechnika, Baltijos Brasta, Naresta, Dolena, Viremida, Ryšių statyba, Mitnija, Kamintras and etc.;
  • Public sector: Association of Lithuanian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, Lithuanian Sea Museum, Lithuanian Innovation Centre, VU Institute of Oncology, Humana people to people, Lithuanian Maritime Safety Administration, Telecom Sport Club, National Blood Center and etc.;
  • Restaurants and cafe: Restoranų grupė Fortas, Ultrapramogos, DC Holdingas, Itabaltas, Aukštaičių fortas and etc.;
  • Transport: Transtrado, Vilniaus Autobusai, Salovė, Šturvalas, Militzer and Munch Fortransas and etc.;
  • Retail trade of motor vehicles and repair: Lautra Motors, Melga, Autoverslo automobiliai, Rusiškų automobilių centras, Autokurtas, Savas automobilis, Fakto autocentras, Centrako, C. Olsen Baltic and etc.;
  • Other service activities: AIG Life, Invalda Real Estate, Jūsų tarpininkas, Apskaitos ratas, Patikimumo Garantas, Resolutio, Klaipėdos keliai and etc.;
  • Forestry: state forest enterprises.